How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Talk to her

If you’ve missed or ignored all the warning signs that your girlfriend is unhappy in the relationship and now wants to break up with you, she’ll probably want to talk to you about it. Hearing the line “We need to talk” and knowing how to handle it can greatly affect whether or not you can get your girlfriend back straight away or if you’ll need to make more of an effort to convince her.

It’s usually difficult to fix things as women often give vague reasons for the breakup. “ I need more space” or “It’s not you, it’s me” are all common excuses that women make. If that’s all she’s willing to give you to work with, then you’ll need to think about the part you may have played in the breakup. You need to decide whether her reason to end the relationship was justified, what you’re willing to do to correct any of the mistakes that you may have made, and if you should be expected to change at all. At the end of the day, maybe it’s her that is the problem.

1. You need to erase the negative image of you she has in her mind and replace it with the powerful romantic best version of you she should have, the man she is truly meant to spend the rest of her life with. Like I said, your old relationship is gone. You need to get rid of all the pain and hurt, and bad memories that are blocking her love for you.

2. You need to make her feel, seen and understood by you in a way no other man can possibly offer, let her know that she is safe with you and give her permission to be who she truly is without fear of being judged.

3. You need to flat out seduce her. You need to cut past her rational mind and make her feel like a beautiful attractive sexy woman and give her that spark of feminine power she has probably been craving since the day the passion between you truly died.

So how do you do all that?

Don’t expect the woman that you love to forgive you immediately. It is not so easy to win back your woman’s trust, when she has been hurt before. She has to be sure that things will be different and that you won’t repeat the same mistakes again. Prove to her that you deserve a second chance by being gentle, patient, understanding and caring. She needs your attention and your love! Good luck!